The 16/8 intermittent fasting method and its benefits

Publish DateFeb 14, 2022

16/8 intermittent fasting involves eating only during an eight-hour window during the day and fasting for the remaining 16 hours. It may support weight loss, improve blood sugar, boost brain function and increase longevity.

So I've decided to give this fasting method a try after hearing about its benefits from lots of people. The constant sleep inertia I get after having a late heavy dinner the night before also serves as another crucial driver. I'll be choosing the 12-8 pm window because it's the most convenient one for me where I only need to skip breakfast but still be able to have dinner at a regular time.

SO a big reason why I haven't started this experiment earlier was that as a kid, I was always told about the benefits of having a big healthy breakfast to keep you energised throughout the day. However, the article Is Skipping Breakfast Bad for You? The Surprising Truth ( amongst others seem to suggest otherwise with some strong reasons. 

To summarise the counterarguments on the common beliefs that skipping breakfast is unhealthy... 

1. Previous observational studies showed people who eat breakfast are more likely to be healthier, but they can not prove that the breakfast itself caused it. Meaning that there is no causation between the two factors. 

2. Eating breakfast does not boost your metabolism. Yes, apparently metabolism doesn't care about which times, or how often you eat but how much you consume in total throughout the day.

3. Skipping breakfast does not cause weight gain. Mmmhmm, skipping breakfast makes you eat more at lunch, but not enough to compensate for the breakfast you skipped.

So there you go, it seems like there are a lot of controversial evidence on whether skipping breakfast is beneficial to your health. Anyways, I will be trying this intermittent method from today so stay tuned if you're interested in finding out how I feel in a week!



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