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Starting Coco Paradise - My Wellness Journey

Publish DateMar 09, 2022

I started Coco Paradise to create natural and indulgent snacks that everyone can enjoy. My personal wellness journey started long before creating Coco Paradise though - I was pushed to a healthier lifestyle after a health scare. Before my health scare, I loved eating sweet treats, and wanted to find a more sustainable way to snack healthy.

I later learned and experienced how good wholefoods made me feel and it pushed me to incorporate more all-natural ingredients into my lifestyle. It also made me want to share what I experienced and it pushed my mission to help others discover that healthy food can not only make you feel good, but also taste great.

Through embarking on my wellness journey, I became more eco-conscious and focused on sustainability. As I dove more into the business, I became more aware of my surroundings and gained more insight into what was happening in the world. I learned that I had the power to make a positive change, so I became more mindful of my choices. Through time I had subconsciously pushed new values into the work we do at Coco Paradise- pushing plant-based products, cutting out as much plastic in our packaging as possible, and even managing food waste are just a few of the things we consider and also prioritize now.

I will continue to improve and adapt as I continue to learn and become more exposed to new things around me. I’ve made a promise to myself to be more mindful of my choices and our environment while still pushing our vision and mission of providing indulgent and healthy treats that everyone can enjoy.

You can find out more on our Instagram page, @cocoparadiseislife


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