How morning hikes improved my life

Publish DateNov 25, 2021

As everyone knows, I’m not a morning person. If you want something done from me, likelihood is that you shouldn’t ask me before 1030.

However I recently decided to try morning hikes and living in HK, this was an easy thing to do. A quick walk up to the Peak or the Bowen Road trail is something anyone can do if they live on HK Island.

Despite the difficulty in waking up & sometimes cold conditions, morning hikes have transformed how I approach the beginning of every day

  •        An opportunity to disconnect before a busy day – the whole day is full of external stimuli (Instagram notifications, whatsapp messages etc.) and by avoiding all this, it gives my brain time to reset and be more alert for the more important tasks of the day  
  •        A chance to enjoy nature – Just by seeing greenery and nice views, I feel more relaxed and happier. Most studies have shown that if you just stand in a forest, your stress indicators drop significantly
  •        Increased alertness & focus throughout the day – I feel more able to approach cognitive tasks after an early morning workout. Multiple studies have validated the theory that morning exercise improves attention, visual learning and decision making throughout the day

Even if you can do this as part of a daily routine – it wouldn’t hurt to try an early morning hike every now and again

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