Is your keto diet healthy enough?

Publish DateMar 14, 2022

A low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet is generally way healthier than a regular diet than most people consume: oftentimes a diet high in carbs and low in nutrients, filled with salt, oil, and additives. 

Nonethless, there are complications that come with keto if you do not know how to make it healthy.

Keto might come with headaches and constipation, if you do not do it right.

Eating one cookie a day with plenty of eggs and vegetables is technically keto, but...

Better to follow the rules to do a healthy keto:

1) Drink loads of water

I mean, loads. Carbs retain water and electrolytes. You are going to lose lots of water weight by cutting carbs, thus losing electrolytes. 

Hence, drinking loads of water is crucial to replenish electrolytes.

2) Avoid refined carbs

Avoid quick sugar to avoid blood sugar spikes.

Avoid processed foods in general.

Ask yourself a question: if you are thrown into the woods, can you find this food? If not, ditch it.

3) Consume 7 cups of leafy greens

Nutrients, nutrients, nutrients, and electrolytes.

4) Supplement magnesium and potassium

Feel free to eat that one banana, and avocados..

The infamous avocado toasts are not that bad after all, especially when you choose whole wheat bread.

5) Prioritize sleep over exercise, and prioritize weights over cardio

You heard me right.

Sleep is crucial in regulating our hormones and stress. 

If you are too tired to exercise today, sleep first, and exercise when you are rejuvated. 

Weight lifting and strength training help you build muscles and stronger muscles absorb more glucose. 

6) Ditch the low-fat label.

Food consumed together with fat actually spikes your insulin less than consumed alone.

Love that can of full-fat milk and full-fat yoghurt. Plus low-fat milk tastes repulsive anyway. 

Protein and sugar are the worst combination for spiking insulin. 


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