Cat person or a dog person? what to consider

Publish DateMar 10, 2022

"Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

This is a witty question that withstood the test of time. 

Dogs are good friends of human beings.

A dog is always energetic and happy to see you.

Yet raising a dog requires lots of attention.

Meanwhile, cats are lower maintenance. 

Plus most cats are fluffy.

Nonetheless, people might be concerned that cats do not genuinely love their owners as much as dogs. 

Well, we will never find out what cats think. 

A study coming out of the University of Texas shed light on some psychological traits of cat people and dog people:

Agreeableness: dog people > cat people

Conscientiousness: dog people > cat people

Neuroticism: cat people > dog people

Openness: cat people > dog people

Conservativism: dog people > cat people

Extroversion: dog people > cat people

Obedience: dog people > cat people

Do these personality traits describe you? Do you think they are accurate?


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