How I handle insomnia as a night owl - I don't

Publish DateJan 28, 2022

Melatonin, warm bath, better mattresses...

Yeah, as a night owl, I have tried everything.

I cannot underestate the importance of a good mattress.

Not too hard, not too soft. 

And a blanket that keeps your body at the right temperature.

None of the warm shower stuff works if you do not have proper bedwear. 

Another natural remedy I found quite helpful is Siberian ginseng. 

I do not personally buy the idea of refraining from using digital devices one hour before bed. I found being with my thoughts even less peaceful. Of course one can train to quiet one's mind with meditation, but, that is not always easy.


Maybe the best way is to just forego the intention to fall asleep and believe that you will be fine anyways. And if you are not fine, that's okay too.

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