How to survive quarantine? essentials you might want to consider

Publish DateMar 14, 2022

Staying in one room for 14 days is never a pleasant experience.

Here are some essentials to check off your list when you are about to start your quarantine.

1) Pick a hotel whose windows can be opened.

If you can choose which hotel of quarantine to book, it is beneficial to call them up and ask if their windows can be opened beforehand. 

2) Pack all your electronics

Your phone, your phone chargers, your laptop, your laptop charger, adaptors, your projector, your projector charger, your headphones, earphones...

3) Make sure to pack your essential medicines and supplements

Packets of nuts and seeds are good protein sources to bring. 

4) Pack a blanket and a small electric fan in case of temperature changes 

5) Bring your elastic bands and a yoga block for at-home workouts

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