Theatre is a completely awesome experience to immerse yourself in

Publish DateFeb 17, 2022

A few years back I acted in a Shakespeare's theatre show.

It was a one-of-a-kind life experience, giving me a glimpse of the sidetracked corner of the entertainment world. 

From the first reading to crafting facial expressions to the eventual performance, everything needs to be rehearsed to perfection, and every role needs backup options in case the actor cannot show up during the actual performances shall emergency arises. Time management and attendance tracking are crucial, and theatre management is an art. 

The immediate reaction from the audience is more than satisfying, and as an actor, you say the lines until they become muscle in what you do in every live show, including standup comedy.

London and Edinburgh are definitely paradises for theatre lovers with all-year-round showings on both classics and adaptions.

I had the opportunity to view Treasure Island, Gypsy, Pride and Prejudice, and Strange Tales at the London National Theatre and the Edinburgh Traverse Theatre, the last being adapted from the classic Chinese booklet of folklores on fox demons, ghosts, and other types of gorgeous female unearthly creatures. 

The live interaction with the cast is priceless, and for that reason, I forever value theatre more than movies.

But of course, nothing triumphs the distribution potential of the latter. 

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