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How did the Olympics start? - a brief recount of the relevant history

Publish DateFeb 09, 2022

Humans have been celebrating sportsmanship for centuries.

What we deem as entertaining nowadays, was meant for survival for ancient people.  Long long ago, homo sapiens relied on physical labor to make a living. And without the sports skills of ancient hunters and gatherers, we might have gone extinct. 

Interestingly, the Olympics did not start as a sports event. 

In ancient Greece, the Olympics was initially held as a religious festival, for the purpose of worshipping Zeus. 

With the belief that competition breeds exceptional performance, contests were not only held on sports but also on poetry and music. 

The original Olympics only held one subject of competition: yard dash. Soon enoough, other subjects such as jumping, boxing, wrestling, jumping ... started to bloom.

Fun fact, in the 8th century BC, Orsippus of Megara started the trend of competing naked, for the belief that clothes inhibited speed. 

From the 4th century to the 19th century, deemed as pegan events, the Olympic games were banned for centuries.

With a comeback in Greece in modern times, now the international celebration of sportsmanship came back stronger than ever. 


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