Let's talk about plastic surgeries...

Publish DateFeb 10, 2022

I am adamantly against plastic surgery.

Unless it is for fire disfigurement on the face or body. 

Undergoing surgery on the face is not only painful but also very dangerous, risking severe nerve damage.

Unethical Practice 

Most people are not unaware of the amount of pain and complications they are going to go through before they decide to undertake plastic surgery.

The far-less-than-regulated cosmetic industry does not make it better. In fact, sometimes they give you an appointment so quickly and urge you to go through surgery to a degree that you do not even have a clear mind to think.

In a lot of countries, cosmetic clinics that perform surgeries do not have any licensed anesthetist within the clinic and they do not have ER procedures. They have to transfer you to a hospital if anything goes wrong during the surgery. Death, or permanent disability, is a real possibility at these clinics. 

False Advertising 

Plastic surgery ads are the tumor of society.

People are attracted by colorful beautiful images to buy items, sure. But attracting people to purchase a service that might cause them great pain, danger, and financial loss is insane

This is a completely unnecessary industry that employs people to make a quick buck to produce a type of service that no one needs. No one, ever, needs. 

Psychological Reasons

If someone needs plastic surgery to enhance confidence, then our society has a self-love problem. 

If someone needs plastic surgery to improve one's life, then our society needs to fix its toxic culture.

If someone needs plastic surgery to win the heart of one's partner, she/he needs to first learn what emotional abuse looks like and leave an abusive partner. If someone conditions their love for you based on your appearance, they are going to pick on something once you become pretty. Plus you might not always be pretty after the implant in your face moves, given that your surgery is actually successful. 

Cosmetic Tourism 

That is what angers me the most.

A lot of people travel to foreign countries to get plastic surgeries done.

Bad. decision.

Signing a contract in a foreign language and no legal recourse if the surgery fails.

Do NOT risk it. 


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