When Chia Seeds Come to the Rescue

Publish DateMar 03, 2022

Are you into Chia Seeds? I absolutely adore it. It is my go-to snack. My typical day begins with my phone snoozing at 7 sharp. Followed by a walk and then a swim. Office at 9. Well, that doesn't leave much time, does it!

What do I do? Lazy me finds refuge in this snack. Try the recipe 👇  It is going to solve so many problems. 


In the end, you get:

🍮  Chia Pudding 



What you need?

  2 mason jars

  2 cups of almond milk

  6 tablespoons chia seeds

  maple syrup



  Combine the milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt.

  Put the lid on and shake

  Refrigerate it overnight



Next morning, VOILA! Your chia pudding is ready.


Yes, this is what saves my day. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. 




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