Does spicy food make you healthier?

Publish DateMar 23, 2022

Growing up, I was accustomed to consuming spicy food. 

As a kid, I did not crave sweets. In fact, I did not like the taste of chocolate or cake at all. 

Yet I was a huge fan of spicy food.

According to the SciShow, studies based on a large number of datasets have shown that people who consume hot pepper and chili oil see an increase in mortality rate by 12%.

Capsaicin, a component of chili peppers, is said to have cancer-fighting effects. 

From personal experience, spicy food suppresses my desire for sweet food. After eating something spicy, I would feel repulsed when thinking about a cake. 

Given that tumors feed on sugar, anything that helps me reduce sugar consumption is a good thing. 

Also, it forever remains a myth to me why people see eating desserts after the main course as a tradition. 

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