How do you take care of your heart?

Publish DateJan 28, 2022

The choice of dietary fats plays a key role in maintaining healthy blood vessels and heart health. The cardiovascular system is positively affected by unsaturated fats in vegetable oils. This is due to the high proportions of polyunsaturated oil in rapeseeds, linseeds, and olive oils, and the favorable ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid.

Other foods good for your heart include:

·    Yogurt

·    Avocado

·    Fish oil

·    Extra-virgin olive oil

Some recipes are particularly designed to improve heart health:

·    Broccoli salad with salmon

·    Carrot and lentil soup

·    Honey-roasted salmon

·    Grilled garlic bread

Specific nutrients and vitamins are beneficial to your heart health:

·    Omega 3

·    Vitamin C

·    Vitamin E

·    Beta carotene



What do you think? What measures are you taking to protect your heart?

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