Optimising my sleep routine

Publish DateNov 25, 2021

My younger days were a blurry combination of alcohol and late nights. A lack of sleep hardly affected me and I was able to function as effectively as I needed to.

However, as I get older and require a bit more shut-eye to function at the required level at work – I’ve begun to try and make optimisations to my night-time routine. Just a few alterations have transformed the way I sleep

·       Cutting out blue light from any devices

o   Make sure night shift is turned onto your iPhone at least 3 hours before you sleep

o   Buy blue light blocking glasses and wear this for a couple of hours before you go to bed

·       Cut out all artificial light

o   Before going to bed, dim the lighting in the house as much as possible – the darker the better

o   Blackout blinds in your room can block out light pollution from the outside (especially if you live in a city)

·       Regulate your bedroom temperature

o   Ensure a cool environment (via aircon or an open window) – cold temperatures tell your body to sleep

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