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Feast, Gather, Clean, the Annual Celebration of Life – Chinese New Year

Publish DateJan 25, 2022

“27th, bathe like an emperor (二十七,洗皇帝)”,

“28th, bathe like a beggar (二十八,洗邋遢)”,

“29th, bathe like an old dog (二十九,洗老母狗)”.

-          My grandma’s neighbor

To my grandma, other than bathing her grandchildren in cycles of heaven and earth, Chinese New Year also means hoarding live chicken and fish at home, in exuberant anticipation of turning them into food when the right occasion arises.

As comedian Jimmy O’Yang elegantly puts it, “that is what we call organic.”

In some years, Grandma Zhang also proudly brags about crabs, scallops, abalone, and sea cucumbers as her latest new year cooking conquest.

Jokes aside, Chinese New Year is an occasion for families to gather, converse, argue and feast.

If conventional history writing is congregated upon the glory and notoriety of kings and queens combined with the inquisitory speculations of celebrity lover affairs, food, on the contrary, aggravates the most creative and vibrant memories from the ordinary mass.   

A few years back, upon taking groceries from an endearing lady in a Chinese supermarket in New Haven, I heard her utter, “Happy New Year! It is another occasion to eat. Every holiday is an occasion to eat, eat, and eat.”


Then let’s eat.

But let us not feast with the excess that upsets our ancestors.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Taoist philosophy that advocates harmony with nature’s seasonal cycles. Internal Classic, the book that started it all, teaches us to master the art of Yin and Yang, follow the flow of nature, and respect the rhythm of proper dieting and laboring.

 In winter and spring, we channel our energy from diving into organic snacks and taking warm feet baths.

Instead of consuming regular chips that might consume you with a sense of pleasure and guilt concurrently, you may choose to enjoy our versatile natural plant-based Cocoparadise chips in various flavors such as peanut butter and coco-honey.


The New Year ordains a taste of sweetness, blessing the coming year with good fortune and a positive outlook.

Our Manuka Lab Honey, produced through ethical harvesting, reinforces a sustainable model with which we take care of our bees, hives, plants, and the environment.



Undoubtedly, the shape of our modern economy favors smaller family units than community living.

Despite all the convenience that comes with the modern form of social organization, as the Swiss-British philosopher, Alain de Botton ingeniously puts it, “our ancestors were unfortunate in a thousand ways; but they may well have something we are unknowingly dying for: their own tribe.”

Gathering with our families and communities gives us a long-overdue sense of comfort that we matter a great deal to our loved ones.

Unfortunately, this year is special, just like the previous one. Due to the pandemic, lots of us are not free to gather around. However, we can utilize modern technology and virtually gather with our family and friends.


It is usually said cleaning before the new year foreshadows a good fortune.

From curtains to door handles, walls to tables, carboards to jars … cleaning before Chinese New Year is a collective effort that involves the entire family.

Home gets cleaned, the family enjoys mutual activities together, and the kids learn the value of teamwork.

This is when the elderlies say, “the God of Money will not enter a dirty home, but rather will come to a clean and bright home.”

So, it is important that families clean up their homes, organize their new year decorations, and get rich together.

Good cleaning products can make a world’s difference.

Our Ecostore – Citrus Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner is an antibacterial cleaner that removes oil, food, dirt, and grease from hard surfaces such as walls, floors, and appliances. 


In addition, our Ecostore – Bathroom and Shower Cleaner produces foam that sticks to dirt and stains on slippery surfaces, making them easy to remove.


The Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant – Lavender Escape infuses your home with a soothing scent while eliminating harmful bacteria, including Influenza, Salmonella, and E-Coli.



Chinese New Year traditions have been passed down for hundreds of years. As a reminder to be grateful, celebrating traditions is a way for us to honor what we have inherited from centuries of humanity.

So let us feast, gather, and clean.


Author: Rachel Zhang

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