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Top 5 Food Trends of 2021

Publish DateApr 05, 2021

How many times during the pandemic did you search for healthy food options?

Our weight management regime took a massive blow during the pandemic. Those of us who frequented gyms, swimming pools, outdoor exercise places, and other places to maintain a healthy body suddenly had to face a huge inconvenience: the closure of such facilities to control the spread of the virus.

The ‘new normal’ has affected every aspect of our lives, and our food consumption pattern has not escaped it. It has caused a paradigm shift in our food preferences and consumption.

With COVID-19 enveloping the globe and lockdown restrictions imposed to various extents, studies suggest that food, which was all about taste and luxury, has become more and more about health and safety.

People are becoming increasingly conscious about what they put into their bodies and vigorously searching the internet for desired answers.

Exulting in the knowledge of health provides solace in dire times such as this!

With so much happening around the globe, the food trends of 2021 have changed too. Below are the top five trends to keep you updated:

1.Veganism and Vegetarianism

A study conducted in the UK found that the pandemic has increased a shift towards veganism due to health and safety concerns.

One of the significant reasons for this change is raising concerns about prevalent diseases such as swine flu in the rise among livestock.

It is predicted that there will be an increase in plant-based diets in the coming times.


“Flexitarian”Diets are on the rise too.

For those who can't follow Veganism and Vegetarianism a hundred percent, fret not: the Flexitarian Diet can be for you!

Coined more than a decade ago, the word Flexitarian combines two concepts: flexible and vegetarian. Complete replacement of meat is not essential in this. Instead, an optimum balance is kept by including meat-based products in less frequency.

3.Mental Health Cooking

In contemporary times, mental health issues have become a primary concern.

The lack of meaningful connections with others and the inability to do ‘normal’ things have affected mental health.

Several studies conducted during the pandemic suggest growing concerns about the poor mental health of young adults, mothers with infants, migrants, and various marginalized populations.

In short, this pandemic has had negative implications on our mental health.

Food and mood are interconnected. Food can instantly elevate one’s mood.

With the pandemic gaining momentum, attention has been shifted towards food that can improve mental health. Adjusting our diet to incorporate food beneficial for our mental health is increasing.

Studies show that beans, avocados, walnuts, and oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids elevate mood.

4.Carb Alternatives

The next current trend is to look for carb (carbohydrate) alternatives.

Low-carb diets — Atkins and Keto — continue to gain popularity, and with this, carb alternatives are becoming more preferable.

Health-conscious consumers are now obsessively looking on the internet for choices to enrich their diet with carb alternatives.

As we know, demand and supply go hand-in-hand. In the market, alternative ingredients are replacing rice and flour, making sure that health-conscious people don't miss out on exciting treats.

5. Takeout

More people are now embracing takeout or at-home dining due to the fear of exposure to the virus and government-mandated lockdown. The online bandwagon is also increasing as many people are now opting for online shopping due to convenience, even the old school ones who loved frequenting the local market.

According to experts, 2021 should witness innovative ways of chefs bringing at-home restaurant experience.

Restaurant-style packed meals will see a rise.

This pandemic has had a remarkable effect on our lives—and lifestyles—forever, from wearing masks to working from home.

It has changed the way businesses function now, and the food industry is one of them.

Let's wait and watch what other food innovations are on their way!

Author: Somrita Ganchoudhuri

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