How to detoxify your system with dry brushing

Publish DateJul 17, 2021

From ancient Greece to Japan, exfoliation has been practiced for thousands of years across cultures, using exfoliants such as sand, salt, seashells, and even corn cobs.

Dry brushing is increasingly popular today and can be done using a natural bristle body brush.

Dry brushing aids with detoxification by supporting circulation and the lymphatic system. Since there is no heart-like pump for the lymphatic system, it requires manual stimulation to prevent stagnation and maintain flow. In our modern world, many of us spend too long sitting, causing waste to accumulate in your body. A healthy lymphatic system transports lymphatic fluid throughout your body and carries out toxins and waste. There are many lymph vessels right under the skin, and the motion of brushing helps to stimulate flow and restore proper health.

The stiff bristles of the brush also help to clear your skin’s pores, opening your detoxification pathways and enabling the body to expel toxins via sweat.

Dry brushing can also help to reduce cellulite, which is caused by toxins stored in fat tissues. Dry brushing repairs and strengthens tissues and helps to drain toxins from swollen fat deposits.

The best time to dry brush is in the morning, right before a shower, as this helps to wake up the lymph system as you begin your day.

To dry brush, using a natural bristle body brush, gently press the brush to your skin to a depth of around 3mm. Then, stroke the brush lightly towards the direction of your heart. Try the following routine below to effectively detoxify your system:

Dry Brushing Morning Routine

Lower body

    1.    Apply light, even pressure on the brush and stroke against the skin

    2.    Use straight strokes towards your heart. Alternatively, you can try circular movements with the brush

    3.    After you finish one stroke, take the brush off your skin and repeat. Remember not to stroke in the direction away from           your heart

    4.    Stroke for three to seven times before moving onto the next area

    5.    Start at your kneecaps and stroke up in a direction towards your groin

    6.    Keep moving from your kneecap to your groin on your thighs until you have finished your whole upper leg

    7.    Repeat the brushing on the other thigh

    8.    Move to your buttocks and stroke up towards your lower back

    9.    Then, stroke from your ankle up to your kneecap and repeat on the other leg

    10.  Next, stroke up from the ankle to your groin in one even movement over your whole leg and complete the other side

Upper body

    1.    Follow the same technique you used on your lower body

    2.    Raise your arm above your head and stroke in a downward direction from your wrist to your armpit

    3.    Repeat the brushing on your other arm

    4.    Using a brush with a long handle, stroke from your lower back and upper shoulders towards your armpit

    5.    For your chest, gentle brush towards your center

    6.    For your stomach, brush in a clockwise motion, making seven circles around your belly button

    7.    For your neck, put the brush down and use your finger tips with light pressure to stroke downwards from your neck                 to your collar bones


Dry brushing has the additional benefit of stimulating your nervous system, helping you feel invigorated after your morning brushing ritual. Try it daily to feel energized from the manual lymph drainage.

Author: Jesamine Dyus


Images source: Pexels

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