5 tips to prepare your skin for summer

Publish DateApr 05, 2021

Summer is the time for fun! It is the season for spending pleting of time outdoors and relaxing during the holidays with our family, loved ones, and friends.  

As travel restrictions are slowing lifting across the world, we can’t wait to spend the summer months lounging by the seaside, immersing in nature, and relaxing by the pool.   

During lockdown, many of us granted our skin a break from our daily make up routines and saw improvements in our complexion as we reduced its toxic load. Before returning to your pre-pandemic skin care regimen, why not take the chance to assess how you can enhance your routine for clean and natural beauty? To maintain your skin’s natural glow, opt for plant-based organic skin care formulations that nourish and replenish your facial skin cells.  

With these five tips, your skin will be ready to glow with the summer sun:  

1. Wear a chemical-free mineral sunscreen 

A non-toxic sunscreen can help you protect your skin from skin damage and premature aging, while avoiding the harmful chemicals used in traditional products. Chemical sunscreens use a combination of harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone, octinoxatehomosalate, and avobenzone which are known endocrine disruptors. Instead, look for mineral sunscreens that list zinc and/ or titatium dioxide only.  

2. Drink water

You can uphold a healthy water balance in your system by drinking plenty of water. It is essential that you stay hydrated when spending time outside in the heat, particularly before and after exercising. Drinking enough water assists your body in flushing out toxins and helps nutrients reach your skin through proper blood flow. For extra flavor and a nutritional punch, try infusing mint, lemon, or lime in your water.

In addition to drinking water, you should also hydrate your face and body topically with a moisturizer. Opt for a lightweight lotion that won’t clog your pores in the heat.  

3. Exfoliate your skin 

Your skin renews itself every 28 days. Skin cells are produced at the bottom of your epidermis and take about a month to reach the surface. They then naturally slough off and are replaced by new cells. You can enhance this natural process by regular exfoliation. You can shed dull winter skin and remove dirt and oils for a radiant, youthful complexion. 

Exfoliation can also effectively prepare your skin to go under the sun. This will help you achieve a glowing, even tan.  

Use a gentle scrub once a week for the best results. Remember to avoid over-exfoliating, as this can strip your skin of its natural oils and excascerbate any dryness and irritation. 

4. Cleanse morning and evening 

In the winter, it may be best to cleanse just once a day to prevent dry skin. However, the summer heat can often leave your complexion looking oily. To slough away sweat, dirt, oils, and pollution, cleanse your skin morning and night as part of your daily skin care regime during the summer months. This extra cleansing will help you look and feel refreshed throughout the day. After cleaning, apply a lightweight face lotion to prepare your skin before make up.  

To achieve clear skin, choose products that use all-natural, toxin-free ingredients.  

5. Use a mattifying face mask  

During the hot summer months, your skin can build up impurities, dirt, make up, and oils, leaving you looking excessively oily. To prevent a greasy look, use a mattifying face mask formulated with clay once a week. Clay face masks help to absorb excess oil from your skin contribute to acne prevention. A clay face mask also draws out dead skin cells and detoxifies your pores, preventing blackheads and whiteheads.  
6. Reduce make up 

Summer is the ideal time for minimal make up. When it’s hot outside, applyomg heavy makeup can block your pores and trigger acne breakouts. A natural skin care routine that promotes a healthy radiance will empower you to feel confident sans make up.  


 With these skin care tips for radiant skin this summer, you will be ready with a new post-lockdown natural look.

Author: Jesamine Dyus

Images source Pexels 


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