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Publish DateDec 15, 2021

It is almost Christmas time! Christmas markets, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, tales on Santa Claus, gingerbread, gift calendars, Christmas movies, family gatherings… countless traditions we practice together make Christmas the most special time of the year.

Christmas lightens our mood in the dark and long winter, and gift-giving during Christmas time is a quintessential way of expressing gratitude to our family members. Let us enjoy the traditions to uplift and celebrate the most magical time of the year!

This article offers ideas and inspirations on what presents you can incorporate into your Christmas gift bag for your loved ones!       

Ornaments and Accessories to Match the Festive Atmosphere  

Christmas is a time when people shop heavily for interior decorations and ornaments. You can never go wrong if you purchase Christmas-themed ornaments for your friends and family since they would always need a hand to make their home interiors - and their Christmas trees - as extravagant as possible. Include reindeer heads, tree bells, snow globes, Christmas lights, and music boxes into your gift package to match the jolly atmosphere! Other decorative ornaments such as scented candles, wall paintings, and photo frames can also diversify your gift bags.

Besides interior decorations, adorn your loved ones with beauty accessories! Scarves are great Christmas gift items to help your loved ones fend off the winter cold. Meanwhile, sunglasses can be of great use in winter times since they can protect one’s eyes from the strong light reflection from ice and snow.

Cosmetics and Fragrance to Cater to Specific Tastes of Your Loved Ones

If you are familiar with the tastes and preferences of your family and friends, you may choose to purchase cosmetics or fragrances that cater to their needs.

OrgHive offers all-natural beauty products that nourish one with healthy and organic ingredients.

Our Sweet LeiLani Purely Tinted Moisturizer endows one’s skin with essential vitamins, reduces skin redness, and increases collagen production. Our Sweet LeiLani Complexion Foundation Brush made from bamboo allows you to apply your foundation easily. Our Sweet LeiLani Mudshark Mascara volumizes your lashes while at the same time enriching them with coconut oil and pro-vitamin B5.   


For a loved one who has a passion for scents, essential oils are a great pick for holiday gifts. Certain essential oils can also help induce sleep and alleviate insomnia.

The HoPE 100% Organic Lemon Essential Oil on our platform gives out a lemon-infused energizing scent that is therapeutic and refreshing. The same brand also offers Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Cold Pressed, which reduces wrinkles, alleviates stretch marks, and soothes eczema. In addition, their Organic Lavender (True) Essential Oil helps relieve fatigue.   


Personal Grooming Items - Hair &
Body Care

Feel free to choose personal grooming items as gifts since you know that they will be useful to the person you are giving the gift to! Items such as shower gel, bubble bath balls, body moisturizers, body lotions, and body cleansers will be of use to everyone!

The brand - endota Organics™- on our platform prides itself on scientifically developed products formulated with ingredients native to the Australian continent. Its Pink Grapefruit & Lemon Aspen Hand & Body Wash and Native Mint & Cedarwood Hand & Body Lotion revive and moisturize one’s skin while invigorating and uplifting one’s spirit.



Deodorants and body scrubs prime one’s body and make the user feel cared for.

The Zero Yet 100 – Glow Better Body Scrub and the Zero Yet 100 – Z6 End Game Deodorant Spray leave one’s body with a pleasant smell and a fine shimmer.


Remind your loved ones to take care of their skin by gifting them with organic hand-care and body-care goodies. The Only Good Natural Hand Wash - Soothe gently cleanses one’s hands and softens one’s skin, while the Only Good Natural Body Wash – Healing provides healing benefits with the power of Tea Tree, Manuka Honey and Calendula.


Almost everyone can benefit from organic haircare products designed for scalp cleansing and hair nourishing. The Jason Treatment Shampoo – Normalizing Tea Tree cleanses one’s hair with comfort, washing off skin and dirt build-up with the ultimate care from Wheat Germ Oil and botanical surfactants. Besides adequately hydrating your hair, our Avalon Organics Medicated Anti-Dandruff Conditioner protects your scalp against contact dermatitis and psoriasis.



Let Santa bless your loved ones with care from nature and love from our philosophy of sustainability.

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas!”

We are excited for the joyful and blessed time of the year, and we hope you are too! Whether you are splurging on some luxurious items for a loved one or on a budget to shop as someone’s secret Santa, we believe that your thoughts and heart will brighten up their days. Feel free to pick among decorations, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, and personal grooming items!


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Author: Rachel Qianyu Zhang


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