4 Drug-Free Ways to Keep Anxiety at Bay

Publish DateSep 30, 2021

Anxiety is a natural reaction to life’s challenging situations, and it can be a good thing in small doses – motivating you to meet deadlines or preparing you for an important event. But in large quantities, it can be so severe that it undermines your ability to function. 

Many people rely on psychotropics to ease their mental state. However, some cost-free lifestyle changes can cure this perturbation without any side effects. Keep reading to find out more!

Take slow, deep breaths

Expert psychiatrists worldwide stress the importance of deep breathing exercises, and they are surprisingly effective anti-anxiety measures.  

Inhale slowly through your nose while holding one nostril, hold your breath for about 10 seconds, and then slowly exhale through your mouth.  

Repeat this process and keep alternating between each nostril. With each inhalation, place your hand on your diaphragm to feel the air circulate from in and out of your body.  

For long-term results, practice this technique throughout the day for one minute. And if you feel your anxiety flare-up, keep this exercise in mind! 

Make time for meditation 

Do some meditative activity for at least 15 minutes (up to four times a day if you can). Research suggests that meditation can significantly reduce anxiety.  

It is a practice that can lend you a sense of calmness, peace, and balance that not only secures your emotional well-being but your overall health.  

To enhance your meditation experience, try placing reed diffuser sticks next to you. They can feel quite therapeutic and make it easier to focus on your thoughts.


Take 30 – 50 minutes to do something quiet and not stressful before bed. Read a light novel, listen to peaceful music, or take a warm bath using gentle, chemical-free body emollients. Avoid using your phone with bright light settings and refrain from high-intensity workouts one hour before retiring for the day.  

Stop the stimulus 

People who are too anxious need to decrease stimulation around them. Here are some ways to eliminate the racket vying for your attention: 

1. Turn off the car radio when you’re driving, roll down the windows, and enjoy the breeze.  

2. When you get home, keep your mobile phone ringer off for an hour or so to unwind.  

3. During the workday, enjoy your lunch away from your desk and cell phone if possible.

4. Relax at night without the television; even if you use it as background noise, it’s still unnecessary stimulation.

5. One day a week, take a break from checking social media or any audio/visual media. 

6. Meet up with friends and family at a relaxing place, where you can talk and catch up. Avoid noisy and packed restaurants/bars and opt for parks, gyms, or nearby promenades.  

If these simple and easy-to-do tips help you keep the anxiety at bay, you can find more on the OrgHive articles page!

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