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Online communities for healthy living

Publish DateMay 08, 2021

Have you ever wondered why you should join an online community?

Online communities, also referred to as virtual communities, have been thriving since the 21st century. With the pandemic hitting the world with all-mighty force, online communities have flourished extensively in times of social isolation. The springing up of online communities has also impacted businesses and their practices. 

By and large, the success of an online community depends on its users, how the community values get defined, and what it is that users seek from the platform.

The rapid evolution from traditional community to Web 3.0 is held responsible for the urgent need for brands to get accustomed to the ever-changing dynamics with their consumers. The existence of online communities in digital space offers scope to push the earlier invincible boundaries due to geographical constraints.

The advent of the internet enacted the creation of such communities — discussion threads and social media pages can now offer deep insight into the customer persona.

Nevertheless, the internet can also ruin a brand image in a short time.

Gen Z alone is estimated to have the buying power of $143 billion — covering almost 40% of consumer shopping.

Gen Z is practically ruling the digital world — they are the digital natives with unlimited access to digital platforms. A survey reports that 95% of 13- to 17-year-olds have such access.

Why this recent trend of joining online communities?

Fundamentally, humans are social animals. And, traditionally, too, humans have flourished in community settings. Even healthcare existed in an ecosystem where communities acted as support systems during childbirth, where the experienced village lady carried out the intricate task of delivery.

Now, the digital landscape is creating ample opportunities for the creation of online communities.

Especially during the pandemic, people have shifted their attention to digital space for moments of comfort. The inability of social interaction with near and dear ones pushed most of us to deal with our anxieties in many ways. Challenges such as Dalgona coffee brought new meanings to life.

Instagram stories became full of snippets of the comforts of working from home. And then everything went lull.

Communities based on shared beliefs, interests, or passions tend to thrive for longer and bring deeper meanings to our lives than our personal social media page. The friends’ list comprises diverse connections — from that neighborhood childhood friend to just some acquaintance.

Online communities now provide more meaningful connections.

Studies reveal that both millennial and Gen Z cohorts shifted more towards digital space for solace and community during the pandemic.

In the healthcare landscape, there has been phenomenal growth in online communities. These community platforms have become vast repositories of information, with members seeking and sharing health information. They become the support system for a healthy lifestyle.

Research shows that online communities are incredibly beneficial in giving simple answers even to the most complex question.

Online communities are going to thrive.

If you are interested in learning about a healthy lifestyle and don’t want to miss out on the recent trends and discussions, join our OrgHive community. 

Author: Somrita Ganchoudhuri

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