8 Habits You Can Start or Stop for Amazing Skin

Publish DateMar 16, 2021

There is a high chance that you may be unknowingly committing skin sabotage.

We get so caught up with the overwhelming amount of skincare information we read online or hear through our friends that we often forget about the more straightforward, everyday things. What are we referring to? Focus areas like our diet, bed linens, or makeup products to name a few!

So, if you want to learn eight new habits to keep your skin radiant and glowing, the following blog will be your guide! 

1. Reduce excess sugar consumption

Most of us avoid sugars to maintain or lose weight or prevent signs of aging, but these should not be the only reasons. 


According to several dermatologists, refined and processed sugars are classified as high-glycemic foods that cause insulin levels in the body to spike.

This reaction subsequently increases inflammation which can cause acne and aggravate skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. 

But with such busy lifestyles, many of us struggle to maintain a holistic and balanced diet, let alone be disciplined about our sugar intake. That’s okay though, you can start with these small steps :

  • Baking – If you can’t stay away from those sweet treats, try reducing the sugar quantities by a third or a half. Another alternative would be to replace refined sugar with maple syrup, a more natural sweetness source that also offers healthful antioxidants and essential minerals.  

  • Swap out the sodas – Soft drinks are infamously neck-deep in added sugars and have zero nutritional value. Many of us love a sweet beverage every now and then, so opt for healthier alternatives like flavored water (using fresh fruits), lime and soda water, or smoothies that provide beneficial nutrients. 

  • Fresh fruit – Yes, fruits have sugar, but these are natural sugars and provide nutrients vital for the health and maintenance of your body. Just make sure your fruit intake is in moderation. Remember to avoid dried fruits and fruit juices at all costs! These are misleading healthy options as they’re teeming with excessive quantities of sugar.


2. Just add water


"Water doesn't taste like anything" 

"Having to go to the toilet all the time is annoying" 

"Carrying my bottle feels heavy" 


These are just some common excuses we tell ourselves to justify our lack of water intake, but we fail to realize that we are interrupting our body from functioning correctly.


If we are not adequately hydrated, transporting nutrients to vital organs, flushing out unwanted toxic chemicals, and regulating our body temperature would not be possible. 


You can also reduce money spent on expensive facials by drinking more water as it is the most natural and low-cost way to get that plump, radiant skin. 

3. Introduce an alcohol-free zone


Drying alcohols like isopropyl, methanol and ethanol have the potential to trigger sensitivities and leave skin more prone to irritations.

Admittedly, these astringent liquids are added to improve the overall texture of products’ consistency, however they equally weaken the skin's ability to lock in moisture.

So, our advice? It's best to stay sober.


4. Change your bed linens


We all know that a good night's sleep works wonders for your skin, so why do some of us still wake up with inexplicable breakouts?

Well, your pillowcase is to blame. If it isn't washed regularly, an accumulation of bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils can build up on the pillow's surface, which gets transferred back to your skin while you are asleep.

Therefore, ensure that you consistently change your linens as they may be the culprits for those unwanted spots!

5. Snooze makeup-free

After a long day (or night-out), there is nothing more frustrating than having to get out the facial cleansing balms and gel cleansers to remove your makeup and other dirt and oils that build up on your skin.


But it must be done – without question! While you are getting your beauty sleep, this is the time where your skin renews itself. When you leave makeup on, you are restricting that from happening.


Keep in mind; most branded cosmetics consist of oily substances and synthetics that cause blackheads. By leaving them on till the following day, you are unnecessarily blocking your facial pores from breathing!

6. Keep it au naturel

This section is heavily relevant for women who wear makeup for daily coverage.

Let’s be clear – there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best every day.

However, applying drugstore cosmetics like foundation, concealer, and setting powder regularly could be making your skin
more susceptible to breakouts and wrinkles.

If wearing makeup is essential for you, we recommend using natural cosmetics without preservatives, fragrances, and mineral oils. They will be more hydrating, nourishing, and protecting for the skin.

7. Eat clean


Slathering on correct combinations of toners, moisturizers, and serums, and other topical treatments cannot compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle. Having supple and flawless skin starts by nourishing your body from within. 


Push yourself to maintain a holistic and balanced diet that is void of processed foods. 


If you are indulging a little too often on fried foods and sugary, alcoholic drinks, your skin will produce excessive amounts of sebum that will form pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Not so fun afterall, right?


8. Scrub it out!


We will keep this last entry very simple. Every thirty days or so, your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to create room for newer ones. 


Without giving your skin a good scrub every now and then, the dead cells don’t shed entirely, and this can result in flaky patches on the face as well as clogged pores. 


Moreover, when using potent oils and anti-aging serums, you want to ensure they are absorbed into the epidermis and not sitting on top of dead skin cells.

Author: Drishti Bhagat


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