A glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Publish DateApr 24, 2021

Freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed in chilled water with a pinch of salt!


On a sunny afternoon, as Jack climbed up the road, soaked in sweat, a tiny shop with a display ‘Freshly squeezed lemon juice’ caught his attention. He was severely parched. Seeing those letters under the blazing sun brought water in his mouth!


Many of us, like Jack, will have a similar experience.


Hot weather or not! A glass of lemon juice always brings respite to our soaring hearts. It is magical. It instantly refreshes the body, quenches the thirst, and boosts the energy level – these are just sensory experiences. The benefits go beyond.


The existence of lemon juice has surpassed class divisions. In developing countries such as India, lemon juice is present on the streets and in luxury restaurants. The majority can afford a glass of lemon juice. 


One needs to save a little lunch money to buy it from the street vendors. Lemon juice brings nostalgia to the minds of many. Wrapped in memory with great care but covered in layers of dust, a glass of cold lemon juice on a hot afternoon can send many of us back to school days. 


What’s in lemon juice that makes it such a magical potion?


Let’s look at some of the top 6 benefits.

1.  Promotes digestion

Slowing down the digestion process gives the body ample time to break down the food molecules and take the vital nutrients.

2.  Weight management

Lemons are labeled as weight loss foods. Several studies claim that the pectin fiber in lemons creates the impression of fullness.

3.  Vitamin C

Vitamin C – the antioxidant is present in abundance in lemons. Scientific studies suggest that Vitamin C can help prevent the common cold, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

4.  Kidney stones

Full of citric acid, lemons can create an unfavorable environment for stone formation in the kidney.

5.  Iron

Lemons are a good source of iron. It also helps in raising the body’s absorption of iron from plant-based diets.

6.  Great for your skin

Vitamin C – the antioxidant known as great for skin, is present in abundance in lemons.

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